Bespeco Platinum Series cables for exigent musicians.
Bespeco Professional 'push & roll' microphone stand.
The H1 digital recorder, finally one size does fit all!
Very best stereo recording in a pocket-size package.
Stompbox pedalboard, multi-effects processor & USB interface.
The worlds most versatile handheld recorder.
Bone-crushing crunch at whisper-quiet practice levels.
Canadian made guitars with hand picked Cedar or Spruce tops.
Compare a La Patrie against any similar nylon stringed guitar
The most affordable, quality 'Solid Wood Construction' guitar!
The Godin Progression is the next evolution of the single coil guitar
DrumCraft. See why it's Australia's fastest growing drum brand


El84 adapter
El84 Adapter COMING SOON!!!
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V-Drive Pedal
NEW!!! V-Drive Pedal
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Bespeco Platinum Series Cables
Photobucket Bespeco launch their new range of cables named Platinum Series. Maximum performance for exigent musicians.
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Bespeco 'Push & Roll' mic stands
Photobucket Professional microphone stand with telescopic boom and "PUSH & ROLL" mechanism, loaded nylon tripod base and clutch-style height adjustment.
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Series 7 Is Coming

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Lignum Snares
These extraordinary instruments combine a select range of wood species.
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Amazing La Patrie Etude and Motif
Beautiful tone woods, lacquer finish and Godin's famous ergocut neck. Loud and responsive. A sensational guitar for a brilliant price!
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Are you kidding?
The Seagull S6, one of the world's most popular guitars. Made in Canada, lacquer finish. So so easy to play due to Godin's famous ergocut neck. A guitar for a lifetime and just $679.
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Godin price crash!
Godin RRP's reduced by up to 20%. Visit your local Godin dealer NOW and re think your tone!

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A 5 star Icon!
Godin's stunning Icon guitars get 5 stars & "Guitarist Choice" award March 2011!

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Zoom H1
The H1's onboard microphones are configured in an X/Y pattern for stunning stereo imaging.

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